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Is this the Most Effective Restaurant Marketing in South Africa?

"I just want to thank you for your dedication and advice since you first approached me.

I have tried many different forms of advertising over the years, never knowing if or which one was working.

As you know I started processing customer info on the 18 July and to date have received approximately a 10% response from customers thanking us for the voucher that they are receiving when joining our preferred guest list. In the first 5 days I have already had 6 vouchers used, and I am sure loads more will continue to come in.

In just 9 days we have had almost 200 cards completed, a large majority with two names per card.."
                                                           Gail - Owner, Benkei Illovo

If you've got 5 minutes we'll show you how to:

  • build unbreakable guest loyalty

  • know exactly who your patrons are

  • find out what they really want

  • encourage word of mouth advertising for your restaurant.

Wouldn't you love to take your guests on a wonderful journey that'll both delight them and grow your restaurant's business?

Please read on to learn how you can get your guests to keep coming back for more and learn how to get them to encourage their friends to come to your restaurant too!

We are so excited about our restaurant marketing system that we cannot hold it in!

It is our passion to help you fill your restaurant and explode your growth - and we will not rest until we have helped you to do this.

There are so many restaurants with all the right ingredients: Incredible food, beautiful decor and well trained, enthusiastic staff. And yet the tragedy is that despite all this they lack one vital ingredient: enough guests to make it all truly worthwile - those empty tables insult them every day!

Many are the fine restaurants that have been forced to close simply because no-one knew how great their food and service actually were.

Why? Because many restaurant owners are so busy running their restaurants that they don't have the time (or energy) to effectively market their restaurants. In fact the truth is that even if they had the time many don't even know where or how to start!

This is where we come in.

We are marketing specialists and have carefully developed a specialised Restaurant Marketing Sytem that makes use of all the secrets we have learnt - We will personally help you market your restaurant with minimal effort on your part!

Our system will enable you to both actually know who your guests are and to stay in regular contact with them. We personally thank and reward them for eating with you and encourage them to invite friends and family.

Your guests will know that you value them and this will keep them coming back for more and more!

Please fill in your Name, Email and Restaurant name below and you will be taken to a page that will show you just how we will help you fill your restaurant and explode your growth!

First Name:


W e   f i l l   y o u r   R e s t a u r a n t   w i t h   l o y a l   g u e s t s   b y: 

  • thanking your guests personally for their patronage
  • creating incentives for your guests to return to your restaurant
  • making word-of-mouth referrals easy
  • running personal, targeted, innovative campaigns on your behalf
  • creating personal relationships between you and your guests
  • creating and maintaining a database of your guests for you

Email us on to set up a free consultation to find out how we can fill your restaurant and explode your growth!


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